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Knowledge centre CISA

CISA Foundation is a knowledge centre that, by scientific support, wants to achieve that the single state as a way of life is socially acknowledged. To attain this object the concept family should, according to CISA, be extended with the concept of the social family. Besides the statutory basis and the consequent protection of the family, the social family should get a statutory basis too. Thus a recognizable model of life can exist that supports CISA's objective: to stimulate the emancipation of singles in a material, social and psychological sense. We do that through research and studies to improve the social position of singles and to influence government policy. CISA publishes a newsletter called Individu & Samenleving (Individual & Society). In this newsletter CISA describes and comments on the changes in a society that becomes more and more individual, and the position of the selfsupporting individual therein. Individu & Samenleving stands up for a just society and for equal treatment of all people, irrespective of their state, sex or sexual preference. CISA as knowledge center forms part of the database of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences: www.narcis.nl. Furthermore, the tax-collector considers CISA as an institution of general benefit (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI), as a result of which donations to CISA are tax-deductible and CISA does not have to pay legacy duties.


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